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Aliens and Robots and Wolves, Oh My!

Freefall is a long-running science fiction webcomic by Mark Stanley, taking place a few centuries in the future, on a colony planet being terraformed by a small human population and a large robot population, a robot population that has unexpectedly become sentient. Where this all comes from

The principal characters are the crew of the Savage Chicken, a run-down spaceship owned by alien Captain Sam Starfall, and manned by his robot pal Helix, with Florence Ambrose, an intelligent wolf, as Ship's Engineer.

Because Freefall has such a large archive, this database and search facility were created by fans of the comic to facilitate the location of particular episodes. If you are new to Freefall and wish to explore it and start reading, the best method is to use The Freefall Archive Speedreader, a scrollable version of the archive created by another fan.

The Search Form

You may use either the text-search box, or the character-appearance search buttons/menus separately, or combine them for a more restrictive search. Note that you can boolean-join up to four character searches with "AND" or "OR". In the middle, you have the special choice of ) AND (, which lets you group pairs of choices as (1 OR 2) AND (3 OR 4), overriding the usual precedence that AND takes over OR. This is usually what you want, so unless you are very sure of what you are doing, prefer ) AND ( over regular AND.

The name "OTHER" is coded in the database as an actual character name, and is used for very minor characters who are hard to otherwise identify, as well as incidental people in the background, so be careful of possible unexpected results when searching "OTHER". Select "Help" from the top menu for more search tips.