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Comments or questions about the search site, or reports of problems or bugs, should be emailed to:
furry AT fourpawsmusic DOT com

You may also visit the Cross Time Cafe discussion forum and send a private message to user "Luxie".

Unexpected results, such as searched-for words not appearing in result comics (or vice versa), or searched-for characters not appearing in result comics (or vice versa), are probably not caused by a problem with the search function, but with the information in the underlying database. For example, in the past, actions or keywords were sometimes entered into the dialogue field, and will match dialogue-only searches in some early strips.

Strips also sometimes fail to properly appear in search results because of misspelled words or other simple human errors in the data.

When reporting unexpected search results, please mention the search terms and settings you were using, and the episode number(s) of the incorrect strip(s) in your result.